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If a fire as soon as possible, dial 119


If a fire as soon as possible, dial 119


In the event of fire, call 119 as soon as possible


If has the fire, dials 119 as soon as possible相关内容 

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a如果发生火灾,尽快拨打119 If has the fire, dials 119 as soon as possible  


When you are caught in a fire,don’t be nervous.If there is thick smoke surrounding you,you should try your best to lower your body and at the same time use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose.Don’t jump from a high building.You can fasten ropes or sheets to some firm things and slide down the ropes or sheets.Don’t be unwilling to leave your money behind.You should run away from the fire as quickly as you can.After all,life is more important than money.Once you get out of the fire,don’t return to it again.